Private Practice Accounting: Everything Therapists Need for Tax Season

bookkeeping for therapist

I know that was true for me.  I do well just to keep my checkbook balanced! Some basic accounting practices and knowledge was something I had to learn. QBO also offers more advanced options in terms of how you generate cash flow statements, taking into account factors like depreciation. And it directly links your bank account balance, as recorded on the books, to the balance in your actual bank account, leaving less room for user error.

The services range from basic monthly accounting all the way to CFO-level services including compensation analysis and forecasting. Understanding the chart of accounts is essential for setting up a bookkeeping system for your private practice. At Therapeutic Bookkeeping, we specialize in providing comprehensive bookkeeping, tax preparation, and tax planning services exclusively tailored to therapists who own their own practices.

List your liabilities

By the end of this post, you’ll have a sense of what route fits you best for your private practice accounting needs, as well as how you can prepare for tax season. We collect information from you so that we can set up your QuickBooks account. We talk to you about how you use your books, what you expect of them , how to link your bank accounts, and how granular you like your financial statements to be.

bookkeeping for therapist

There is no new software to learn, and you won’t need a crash course in double-entry bookkeeping in order to track your finances. It made no sense to me that as a small business owner with a relatively straightforward business model, that I’d need to spend several thousand dollars on bookkeeping and taxes. A tax accountant can help with anything related to quarterly estimates, annual tax filings, and helping out with setting up an LLC/PLLC or filing paperwork to become a different business entity. A tax lawyer can help with the paperwork and legalities of setting up a partnership, say moving from an individual practitioner to a group practice.

Tax Preparation For Therapists

I simply used a free personal checking account for the start of my business. Choose a bank that provides easy easy access to your money through online banking, and talk with them about whether they allow access from accounting software like Quickbooksonline or Outright. In general, bookkeeping should take about an hour each month. In this amount of time, a clinician can reconcile and categorize their expenses, decide if their current expenses are worth it, and plan for the next month’s income. An accounting application that comes highly recommended is Freshbooks.

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